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At OakCrest we believe in fostering relationships to build a better community. How we do this is by aligning people, ideas and resources to enrich the lives we touch. We deliver unique and innovative real estate opportunities and solutions. How may we help you?

About OakCrest Companies
If you drive through the Northern Shenandoah Valley, it’s hard to look in any direction and not see the work of OakCrest Companies. Established in 1974, OakCrest has grown to encompass every aspect of the real estate industry today.


Open the doors of OakCrest to see what makes us different. Beliefs and values line the hallways; business ethics are the mainstay. As a one-stop source, we are committed to providing exemplary service while building lifelong relationships. We continue to lead by planning, staying true to what we do best and expanding our vision on what has brought us success for over 40 years — “Fostering relationships to build a better community”.


Building a better community means more than one thing at OakCrest. We live, work and play in our community, and therefore, become one with it. We give back to our community in innumerable ways – from charitable giving, to dedicating hours of personal time. OakCrest has thrived in its 40 years in the community, and Winchester, in turn, remains a good home to OakCrest. An organization owes its community for the chance to succeed within its limits; so OakCrest employs its families, supports its schools, and aids its charitable causes.


The look of OakCrest changes as often as its business plan. With new faces come new spaces; more offices and expanding buildings. The people of OakCrest can grow as it grows, in achievement, in wealth and in knowledge. The opportunity for personal success is alive and well in the OakCrest culture, and those who work hard accomplish their goals. It is that dedication that finds the lights on late at night and computers whirring on Sundays, and it is that dedication that has kept OakCrest strong for over 40 years. The next forty years rely on a good plan and the highest quality team to implement it.

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